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Dispersing/Wetting Agents

Technical Information

Wetting agents are surface-active substances and improve the wetting of solids. Dispersing agents prevent particles flocculating by various mechanisms (electrostatic effects, steric effects). Wetting and dispersing additives unite both mechanisms of action in one product.

% Usage rates for pigment types
Chemical Type
Counter Type
HDInorg. Org. TiO2 Carb.Blk
11570.3 -10.3 - 10.3 - 10.3 - 1Sodium polyacrylate solution in water, 40% active
Nopco 5040
11580.5 -11-5Sodium Salt solution of polycarboxylic acid, 26% activeOrtan 731
13544 - 1015-32
3-625-100High mol. wt., block style copolymer in BA, 63% active
BKY161/3/4, EFKA4046/50, Elem9086/850
Tego 710, Afcona 4046/50/60
13553 - 1010-201-1.540- 60High mol. wt. , block style copolymer in BA, 45% active
BYK110, EFKA4010, Elem.Disponer 9035/45
Tego 610S, Afcona5065
1410Low Viscosity, anti-setting agent. Suitable for Aqueous & Solvent systems
17500. 1-0.50.1-0.50.1-0.3Di-iso octyl Sulphosuccinate, in anionic surfactant
Hydropalat 1080

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